W-Hat About?

W-hat About? is a piece created by Fuora Dance Project, aimed to children 4 + and their family, with a special attention to their grandparents. After a successful tour in 2017, we have a new, refreshed show due to tour in Autumn of 2018. For more details, visit the W-hat About? Tour page.

Age recommendation: 4 to 10 (and their adults)

Running time: 45 mins approx




This piece is an interactive performance, lasting around 45 minutes, in which children are invited to play a very important role. The piece originates from the concept of the difficulty to make choices and the possibility of failure. This fun performance/workshop is introduced by a story about two girls who have lost something during a journey, and becomes a creative workshop where the children can join in to help tell the story. The performance also introduces the Italian language and lets children explore and learn some basic words such as letters, numbers, colours and foods.

Age recommendation: 2 to 7 (and their adults)

Running time: 45 mins approx

Choreography, Concept and Performance: Fuora Dance Project
Music: Fuora Dance Project

Pictures: Caterina Romanò



The Last Maiden

Inspired by the Sicilian fairy tale "Le Donne Di Fuora" (Giuseppe Pitré’s version), this piece plays on the dualisms of divine-human and desire-reality. Three mysterious figures draw you into their most intimate dimension, leaving you with a question...

Age recommendation: 12+

Running time: 20 mins

Concept, choreography and performance: Fuora Dance Project
Guest performer: Gemma Shrubb
Music: Fuora Dance Project in collaboration with Avenir " Divine Carceri"

Pictures: Alberto Gandolfo and Danila Corgnati



Coming From Peru

Taking inspiration from an Italian game called Coming from Peru, do whatever you want me to do. During this performance, three contenstants will be challenged according to audience participation.

Age recommendation: 3+ 

Running time: 20 mins

Concept, Choreography and performance: Fuora Dance project
Guest artists: Millie Daniel Dempsey, Debora Busardò
Music: Various artists edited by Fuora Dance Project
Credits: Lewis Landini



*is to Finish

Dance piece inspired by Molly Bloom’s final monologue from "Ulysses" by James Joyce. This is one of the most famous examples of "Stream of consciousness". The idea is to physicalize the concepts of streams, female energy, smells, the male-female relationship and its contrasts or moments of harmony. Three characters play in an imaginary circle, a ritual representing the internal and external parts of a woman's mind. The presence of a live musician contributes to create a surreal atmosphere, between awareness and dream.

Age recommendation: 12+

Running time: 25 mins approx

Concept , Choreography and Performance: Fuora Dance Project
Guest artist: Joel Wilson
Live music: 1st version Amitai Ladin, 2nd Atzi Lipsync (Cello) and Ross Whyte(Composer)

If you are interested in booking any of the above productions, please contact our Producer, Ashley Pilling at